Democracy, With a Cherry on Top

It wasn't so long ago that I lamented the lack of excitement in Oregon's efficient vote-by-mail system. I still think it's the way to go, but I'm missing out on more than the "I Voted!" sticker: if I lived in New York, I could have gotten a free mini vibrator from Babeland! Now that's empowering the people.

We've come a long way from the time when vibrators were used by Victorian doctors to relieve a woman of hysteria (you knew that, right?). Nobody would admit it was a sexual thing, but women just kept going back for more...and more...and more... and right there, again, please, doctor....oh! Now you can knowingly drop a Rabbit reference into dinner table conversation - and if they think you're talking about opening a wine bottle, well, maybe it's better that way. (in my head I was going somewhere with this, but it doesn't seem to have worked out that way. Pretend there are some intelligent comments in the mix, leading us to the current Bush-free era - except between our legs - when hopefully we will revive real sex education and generations of sexually aware and empowered young men and women will come of age)

Go Obama!

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