Gleanings from Wits and Wagers, a party game that lives up to its hype:

Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937
Magellan began his circumnavigation in 1519
There are around 60 unprovoked shark attacks every year
(No numbers for provoked shark attacks)
NBA players make an obscene amount of money
The oldest woman on record was 122
The tallest woman was 8 feet, 1.75 inches
Americans each eat 150 pounds of potatoes in a year
FDR was president for a very long time
But only about half as long as Mandela was in jail
The U.S. hosted 6 Olympic games in the 20th century
Extras in Jaws were paid $64 to run screaming across the beach
And something about dwarf-tossing, although that may not have actually been in the game.

It's almost like a poem, don't you think?

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