26, 27, 28... Sigh

Well. I didn't quite make it. (posting every day in February, that is) 'Tis only too representative of many things I attempt. I suppose one lesson to take from this is one I've learned many times but still don't manage to do, obviously: make things easy for myself. If I have a routine built in, if it doesn't take extra effort and can become a habit, it will happen. If there's a place to put stuff every time, I'll put it there instead of piling it up on the kitchen counter. Etc., etc. Clearly late at night was not the time for this, and I don't know what is, but I'll keep trying to figure it out. Not daily. But sometimes.

And happy day after Read Across America day! Courtesy of the NEA, in celebration of the world welcoming El Doctor Seuss and his magical words and pictures. Oh, the places we'll go.

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