The Morning After

I somehow feel like this is a big deal, even though it isn't really: I started a blog! Look out world, here I come! Except nobody even knows about it yet. And everyone and their dog seems to have a blog these days - for real, have you seen all the dog blogs? Nevertheless, there is a tiny frisson when I think of it. What will I write about? Will I add pictures? How often will I publish? How long will it last? Is it an auspicious time to do this? Should I have poked around in some entrails before getting started, or checked my horoscope? Will April 19 become a date to celebrate? Will I get a book deal?! (aside: I think we should revive the interrobang, don't you?)(also, we should adopt the Spanish upside-down question mark, although that would look silly in a string of questions...hmm)(and - Esperanto!) Ok, the end for now. Off to the real world. Chances are these first entries won't be that compelling, as they'll just be me being excited about this new toy. But perhaps they will be sheer genius, and we'll all go 'round shouting off the rooftops for everyone to check it out. Heh.

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Elizabeth Abbot said...

Hi Clare,
I know your parents in Rome and wish you well with your blog! Just have fun with it and find a purpose for doing it so that you don't lose steam. It is a bit daunting at first, but isn't it great to receive a comment!!