Rejected Blog Titles

I've been coming around to the idea of having a blog for quite a while now...when I finally decided to go for it, the hardest part was figuring out what to call it. This is why I may never write a book. It's a good thing I had help naming my dog. Fittingly enough, it reminds me of the early days of the internet, of the very first time I had to come up with a user name for a bbs - and then later, learning you weren't unique, as various email programs helpfully offered suggestions like "yourname742". Eventually you didn't care what name it was, as long as it didn't already exist. You told yourself you could always change it later, but of course, you couldn't; it became who you were in certain circles. So - the list of alternate identities for this blog:

Dance Backwards
Vivo Ergo Cogito
Naked Mango
Tickle Your Catastrophe
Unbought Stuffed Dogs
A Poem About Everything
Reality Tastes Like Bread
Geographic Memory
Ceci N'est Pas un Blog
Literature and Butterflies
Absolutely Trivial
The Unexamined Life

There were more, too. Some that wandered over from other lists: Cherry Blossom (porn star/psychic/romance novelist names), Panty McSnuffles (things I call my dog), Le Singe est Disparu (things that always make me laugh), Dancing Queen (mix tapes).

But I'm sticking with Imperfect Tense. It's from a line by Nietzsche, which goes something like: "Life is a never-to-be-completed imperfect tense." Now we just get to wait and see what happens!

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