31 Flavors

I turned 31 a few days ago, so here are 31 things about me, in no particular order:

1. I am currently obsessed with Flight of the Conchords.
2. Although it doesn't quite live up to the hype, I do not regret my Furminator purchase.
3. I have traveled to more than thirty-one countries.
4. I dressed as an Ewok for Halloween when I was about five (and living in Kenya), and my costume consisted of strips of brown paper attached to a pair of overalls, long brown socks on my hands, and a sign aroud my neck saying "I am an Ewok." There may have been ears.
5. Over winter break during my senior year of high school, I read everything by Albert Camus that I could find.
6. I almost always have homemade kimchi in my fridge.
7. Also: homemade yogurt.
8. I will happily sing either the boy or girl part of Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" for karaoke.
9. I am too old to headbang. Or perhaps simply out of shape for it.
10. When I was little, I used to bring (or make my mom bring) a peanut butter sandwich to restaurants in case they didn't have anything I would like. Now, I'll try just about anything at least once. I like to give things a second chance. But I'm done with oysters.
11. I wish I knew Yiddish.
12. I don't think there is nearly enough dancing in our world today.
13. I am a bit of a beer snob.
14. I often buy wine for the label. Clever goes a long way with me. And cheap.
15. I have probably read Robert Heinlein's "Time Enough For Love" more times than any other book, although not recently.
16. My dog is a masterful frisbee-catcher.
17. I do not believe in God.
18. I often swear in Italian or French.
19. I have shaved my head twice.
20. I write and perform history raps for my students. This is a line from the most recent, about the American Revolution: "Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Tea Act too; Intolerable and hollerable, what're we gonna do?"
21. Power tools, while not necessarily a girl's best friend, make me happy.
22. My favorite bumper sticker says "Read a fucking book," but I won't actually put it on my car.
23. I crocheted a bag using plastic grocery bags as "yarn."
24. I learned how to slaughter and pluck and butcher a chicken.
25. I am growing vegetables for the first time.
26. The best sunrise I have ever seen was atop a Saharan dune, reached by a camel ride and a hike.
27. I quote from "Clerks" on a somewhat regular basis, though it's been years since I've watched it.
28. I knew the Weird Al version of a lot of songs before I ever heard the originals.
29. When I get bored, I dye my hair in bright colors or rearrange my house.
30. I am a stickler for spelling and grammar.
31. I believe in civic engagement, and making the world a better place.