Um... hello?

 Yikes.  I knew it had been a long time since I'd written/posted, but I hadn't realized it was quite that long. Almost 10 years.  So many ramblings in my head that could have been written down for... who?  Why?  Turns out as we move more and more into a put-it-all-out-there world, that's not what I want.  But obviously it's not just a diary I want, either, or I wouldn't be typing this online.  Hmm.  

I guess it's really for me, but also with a sprinkling of accountability, sort of.  That's not quite right, since nobody is holding me accountable, but knowing other people *might* read it keeps it a level above cringeworthy (I hope!).  But man, why anybody would want a Twitter etc account with hundreds or thousands or millions of followers is beyond me.  I just want a few friendly folks to laugh at my jokes and share in my rage and withhold judgment.  

In the Lynda Barry and Austin Kleon and Neil Gaiman way of the world, the thing is worth doing for itself, and may turn out to lead down some unexpected and worthwhile paths.  So here we are.  Again.

Oh, but I don't eat as much cheese anymore, sadly.