Mardi Gras!

This Tuesday, she is fat. So fat, and so full of mischief. And meat. And candy and masks. Dancing. Oranges. Small man-shaped dolls on fire. Music and parades. Huzzah!

The first time I ever saw Venice was during Carnevale, and it was fabulous - added to an already magical city. We stayed out all night following the revelry. Someday I'll get to Brazil, and samba my heart out. One of my alternate timeline lives involved moving to New Orleans, living across the river in Algiers and working at Mardi Gras World, building floats for the parade.

And so people will be celebrating all over the world, one of my favorite holidays, but nobody celebrates it locally. I mean, I've got my beads on and will take some good cheer to the bars tonight - toot toot! - but it promises to be somewhat sad and lonely, as Mardi Gras celebrations go. I remember the days when the only thing keeping my shirt on was concern I might see a student's parent... maybe I'll be able to rustle up that kind of ruckus and take it to the streets. A one-woman carnival!

Tonight, anything is possible.