Slow Food for the Brain

I just read an article about how Newsweek is reinventing itself to fit in this age of instant information - who wants a magazine that brings you news once a week, when it's already old? Me, that's who. Well, not so much that I want Newsweek, but I don't really feel like I need to know everything five seconds after it happens. I'm perfectly happy reading only the Sunday Times (and I share a subscription with 3 neighbors, so I don't even get to it all on Sunday!) for my news updates. Complemented by the occasional NPR hit, if I'm in the car at the right time. And the stuff that is really important gets through somehow.

You know how cities are starting to do things like car-free Sundays? Maybe we should do cellphone-free days, too. Or rather, internet-free days. (I think I'm one of the few people left whose phone is only a phone, just like that proverbial cigar)* I mean, I love the internet, it's magical, but it's nice to take a rest from it all sometimes.

Information overload, y'all. Break the cord.

*ok, now I have an image of a city full of people walking around with penises, typing messages into them, holding them up to their ears as they yak away...oh Sigmund, where are you now?!


Interior Renovation

Hello! I don't know what Miss Manners would say about blurting this out on the internets (though apparently there is a whole consumer category of sickeningly cute cards I could send), but yes: I am growing a baby! In my tummy. And it is getting to the point where it is weird not to be able to mention it in passing, but in this day of reconnecting with faraway friends, it is also weird to figure out how to tell people I don't normally talk to. And so, even though I am not totally enamored of Facebook, it became the path of least resistance. (which, somehow, a very small opening in my anatomy will become for a several-pound baby?!)

The little critter, thus far unsexed, is due on November 3 - Election Day. The primary vision I have for this event is the scene in Spaceballs where the alien rips out of that guy's stomach and tap dances his way along the countertop of the diner... I realize this is not actually how it's going to go; I have a basic understanding of biology (though let me tell you I avoid the videos - people will gush over the beautiful images and invite me to watch and suddenly I have a lot of hair to wash and toenails to clip) but it is still something of a mystery to me how it all works out.

I've had a relatively good time of it so far, able to go about my daily life, thankful for my days off, and apparently glossing over the nights, when I usually feel really crappy. Sort of like having the flu all the time. Really? Women used to do this 10 or 15 times in a row? Thank you, Margaret Sanger! Though I mock the whole "blossoming womanhood" part of this, and am not likely to be the earth mother I once thought I would be, it was pretty amazing to actually see this little being inside of me, looking surprisingly human already.

Everyone tells us how exciting this is, so I guess we're excited - and also a bit terrified. Not sure at all what is going to happen to our lives this fall, but hoping that in a general way we will just continue to live like we always do. Obviously things will be different, but it's not like we'll never travel again or be able to do the things we like. We hope. Don't disillusion us with your tales of baby madness and misery, please! Just tell us how wonderful it is, that it's the best decision ever, and we are going to fall in love.

The adventure continues.